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Our Vision

For veterinary business to become more successful by growing the people responsible through coaching and mentoring and for changes to remain sustainable so the benefit and value can be realised.

How we do this and the benefits

  • Consulting, mentoring and coaching are combined- to provide a complete service that gets results that are sustainable because the people responsible grow
  • Effective strategic planning- work on the right things and prioritise
  • Set goals and achieve them- focus on being successful
  • Develop ownership accountability and responsibility- take control of your environment
  • Believe in yourself and ability- do more than you thought was possible
  • Increase your EQ- understanding yourself and how you relate to others
  • Unlocking potential to achieve the things you want- everyone has the potential to succeed
  • Be action orientated – you are more likely to get things done
  • Learn time management- get things done in the time frame available
  • Work/life balance- find time to do the things you want to do
  • Utilise the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge available – clinical operational systems, change management, strategic planning, standard-of-care development and implementation, risk management, customer service delivery, and how to influence veterinary performance


  • Most Veterinary professionals want to be the best they can be
  • Strategic planning, identifying the highest return areas, goal setting and executing action plans are often done poorly
  • Many veterinarians find working in a team, managing people, leadership and business management challenging
  • How people think determines how they feel and behave … there is much to learned about the belief systems in the veterinary healthcare industry
  • Ownership, accountability and responsibility are quickly replaced with blame, excuses and denial in poor performing healthcare teams
  • The demands of providing veterinary care while working in a business means that business owners have little time or energy to work on the business and realise their ideas, goals and dreams
  • Being a veterinarian and/or a business owner can be lonely and stressful, you end up bringing stuff home and affecting your work/life balance and personal life
  • Regular monthly check-ins with a coach/mentor leads to better performance personally and professionally


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