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What does success look like for you?

The Vet Coach services are all about successful outcomes. The success of you and your business needs a good plan and consultation. By working together using our experience and expertise, providing advice and collaborative strategic planning, our aim is to help you achieve your goals faster than you could alone.

To begin…

The first step in our service is consulting with you with an interview to get an understanding of you and your business. We want to know what your objectives and priorities are and how these align with your vision and values. We like to sit down with each of our clients to ensure we know exactly what it is you would like to gain from working with The Vet Coach. During this initial discussion, some of the key points we will discuss are:

  • Where are you at currently?
  • What areas are causing you pain?
  • What are your key objectives and goals?
  • How are you going to achieve these?
  • What is the time frame?
  • How will you know when you are successful – can you measure this?

We will discuss your strategic plan moving forward and offer some ideas and advice. Given that coaching is a key part of our service, we will give you the opportunity to experience being coached and, in turn, give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. This session will take approximately 1 hour for an individual and up to 2 hours for a business.


Based on our interview, your key objectives and strategic plan, we will prepare a proposal for you and include how The Vet Coach can support you to be successful.

For business clients the aim is to enhance the performance of the organisation by developing the people responsible, closing the execution gaps and improving the operational efficiencies while facilitating alignment with the business vision and core values.

Veterinary business areas of expertise

  • Project development and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Integrated performing management and coaching
  • Upgrade, develop and implement clinical standards of care
  • Modern clinical/operations systems
  • Consistent standard operating procedures
  • Client communication strategies
  • Nurse-centric clinic models
  • Preventative healthcare systems
  • Client-centred service delivery
  • Best-care patient outcome philosophy
  • Healthcare team belief systems
  • Clinical risk management
  • Career paths for mothers returning to work
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